Christensen Sales and Realty has been in the Abbotsford area for 80 plus years (since 1935). Ken and his sons are actively farming in the surrounding area. Christensen Sales Corporation is in the heart of dairy country, with productive farm land, good soils, abundant woodlands, and beautiful rivers, streams, and lakes for recreation. Our area has excellent hunting of deer, bear, turkeys, and many small animal as well as water fowl.

We are located at the intersection of two main highways, State Hwy 29, the main east-west corridor through north-central Wisconsin and State Hwy 13, a main north-south road to the northwoods areas. We also have many factories and other employment opportunities, put into a beautiful agricultural setting.

Christensen Sales specializes in dairy farms, hobby farms, open agricultural & recreational land, rural & city residential, and commercial property.

Come visit us in friendly, small town America.

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